Individual pupil progress and analysis Summer Term 2019

Pupils joining Tor View for EYFS are generally those with severe and profound and multiple learning difficulties. All pupils started and ended their Reception year operating significantly below National Expectations. All pupils were recorded as Emerging on entry to school and at the end of EYFS, reception year.

6 pupils are now at the end of the EYFS.

In terms of progress Tor View has been working with a collaborative of specialist EY providers to establish agreed progress targets for the EYFS. Pupils are baseline assessed on entry to Reception and then a summative assessment is made at the end of the EYFS. For each cohort of learners we are now able to identify if progress is: Outstanding; Good; Steady or a cause for concern.

An analysis of the EYFS End of Key Stage Data 2019 can be downloaded from the Useful Documents & Links section of this page.

The EYFS class team were externally moderated by the Local Authority in June 2019. Outcomes from the moderation visit were:

  • The assessment process is collaborative – All adults in the EYFS class are involved in the assessment process co-ordinated by the teacher and HLTA. School and parents work together to ensure consistency in approaches and share achievements.
  • There is a wide range of evidence – The practitioners provide a range of adult led and independent learning. Photographs, anecdotes, observations and pupils work have all been used as supporting evidence to demonstrate the progress the pupils have made.
  • Quality progress judgments are made – The team meet regularly as a cluster group to discuss progress, attainment and moderation. Judgments are accurate and consistent.
  • Staff knowledge of whole child – Practitioners knowledge of the pupils is extremely thorough and the progress the pupils have made is phenomenal.

Useful Documents and Links