Individual pupil progress and analysis Summer Term 2018

Pupils joining Tor View for EYFS are generally those with severe and profound and multiple learning difficulties. All pupils started and ended their Reception year operating significantly below National Expectations. All pupils were recorded as Emerging on entry to school and at the end of EYFS, reception year.

11 pupils are now at the end of the EYFS.

In terms of progress Tor View has been working with a collaborative of specialist EY providers to establish agreed progress targets for the EYFS. Pupils are baseline assessed on entry to Reception and then a summative assessment is made at the end of the EYFS. For each cohort of learners we are now able to identify if progress is: Outstanding; Good; Steady or a cause for concern.

An analysis of the EYFS End of Key Stage Data 2018 can be downloaded from the Useful Documents & Links section of this page.

The EYFS class teacher was externally moderated by the Local Authority in June 2016. Outcomes from the moderation visit were:

  • The assessment process is collaborative – all class staff carry out daily observations and hold weekly meetings to discuss the children and record on EYFS collection sheets. Family input is included in a variety of ways including a Target Setting Meeting during the pupil’s initial induction to school, two Annual Reviews of the Education, Health and Care Plan, two Parents’ Consultation meetings and daily contact through the Home/School diaries.
  • Independence is valued – evidence is consistently related to independent behaviour.
  • There is a wide range of evidence – photographs and children’s work were varied and demonstrated the extent to which each child needed adult support or could approach a task independently.
  • Quality progress judgements are made – judgements are consistent and accurate and are backed up with very succinct evidence for all areas of learning.
  • Staff knowledge of whole child – the EYFS class teacher knows the children very well and was able to talk at length about their progress and next steps.

We have taken the following next steps to develop our EYFS provision further:

  • Provided training for any support staff new to the EYFS from September 2016.
  • Continued to cluster with other schools and considered visits to other settings to share good practice through the development of an EYFS Network as part of our Teaching School role.
  • Annotated and personalised evidence in work files.

Useful Documents and Links