Our Governors have three key roles:

(i) Provide a strategic view of where the school is heading: Governors decide their vision for the school and set the framework for how aims will be achieved. Governors review policies and decide on priorities for school improvement. Through the Governors’ Summer Conference they identify key items for the School Improvement Plan (SIP). Governors collect information and take advice on all aspects of school life from the Principal and Headteacher but then make their own decisions. Governors monitor the budget and ensure that spending matches the priorities of the SIP.

(ii) Act as critical friends to the school: As critical friends Governors offer support, constructive advice, a sounding board for ideas, a second opinion on proposals and help where needed. They also challenge, ask questions, seek information, improve proposals and seek to arrive at the best solution for all concerned.

(iii) Hold the school to account for the quality of education provided and the standards that the school achieves: Governors set challenging targets for the school to achieve in the light of national and local priorities. They also systematically monitor and formally evaluate pupil outcomes.

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Elayne Lorenzo - Chair of Governors

Image 1I have lived in the Valley for over 20 years. My connection with Tor View is as a parent of a child with Autism. I am passionate about Special Educational Needs and Disabilities, which is one of the reasons why I became a Governor at this school. I work as a Specialist Outreach teacher for pupils with Autistic Spectrum Condition and Specific Learning Difficulties in a neighbouring Local Authority. I have Advanced Teacher Status for Specific Learning Difficulties, and my other qualifications include National Award for Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator and National Professional Qualification for Headship.
I have previously served on three governing bodies for approximately fifteen years as a staff governor and a member of the Senior Leader Team. I have a love for music and belong to Rossendale Ladies Choir. In my spare time, I like to swim, walk and take my son to the local park. I hope that my previous experience will serve to further enhance the excellent work of the Governing Body at Tor View.

Louise Parrish - Head of School Governor, BA (Hons) with QTS and NPQH

I commenced my employment at Tor View in 2003. My first role was as an Assistant Headteacher with responsibility for the school’s Further Education Department. In 2013, I was successful in being appointed Deputy Principal. I had responsibility for Curriculum and Quality. Prior to Tor View, I worked as a Key Stage 2, 3 and 4 teacher in a SEN school in Lincolnshire.
I am passionate about creativity in the classroom and the Arts.
I have been a Specialist Leader of Education for seven years, and have provided Outreach to both mainstream and special schools. As a Specialist Leader of Cultural Education I have researched how schools can collaborate with Cultural Organisations to bring about positive change.
I have pupil outcomes at the heart of all decisions, including identifying authentic inclusion.
Finally, I am a mum of two young children and understand the challenges that parents face. I use this empathy to support our parents/carers, including having an open door policy.
I thoroughly enjoy working at Tor View School and confidently challenge the perceptions of what our pupils can achieve.

Sarah Orme - Staff Governor

I started working at Tor View in September 2010 as the schools specialist Physical Education teacher and School Sports Coordinator. I currently work across the primary and secondary department delivering Key Skills, PE / Leisure, Swimming and Maths lessons. Prior to Tor View I worked in 2 mainstream schools teaching core PE, BTEC Sport and GCSE PE. The physical development of all the children at Tor View is always at the forefront of everything I do. I am proud to be the school’s Senior MOVE Practitioner. Over the past 2 years I have been part of the NWSAG group where we are currently addressing physical development and creating a tool to measure and record progress in this area. Outside of work I am a mother of 2 young children. Being a mum has taught me many skills that are transferable to working at Tor View and I feel I can relate to all our parents on many different levels. I absolutely love my job and thoroughly enjoy coming to work each day

Hayley McHugh - Parent Governor

I am a mum of three children; my youngest commenced her Reception year at Tor View Sept 2014. I continue to be very pleased to be a Parent Governor. I aim to take an active role in contributing to the school’s success and achievements and I look forward to the same.
I have been a Nursery Nurse and Community Carer prior to commencing my career in mental health nursing 14 years ago. I have been a registered nurse for 11 years with experience in Learning Disabilities and in Mental Health teams, settings or services.
Additionally, I have worked as a Wellbeing Practitioner and a School Nurse. I am now developing a new role withing the 0-19 service as a Mental Health Practitioner. My spare time is spent with my family. We enjoy caravanning, playing games, playing outside, going for walks and baking.
As stated I have connections with the school through attending children.

Sharon Hennessy - Community Governor

My connection to Tor View School is based on pure admiration. I’m not a teacher or a parent but I have worked in the Rossendale community for 26 years as a professional graphic designer with our main stream schools, hospices and local businesses.
I know the Valley, but Tor View is the one place that continually takes my breath away. The kindness, compassion and sheer hard work that runs through the veins of this school and community, staff and students alike is an inspiration. My hope is that I am able to bring some of my craft, my artistry, my business acumen and my contacts to help support an already outstanding school and to be part of its future would be a privilege and a pleasure.
I am now in my second year of Governance and my feelings and observations are just as strong.

Ann-Marie Littler - Parent Governor, Cognition

Ann-Marie LittlerI live in the Rossendale Valley and my connection to Tor View School is as a parent of a child with learning difficulties, autism and epilepsy. The passion, dedication and excellence of the teaching and support at Tor View and the resultant progress and achievements evident in my child, and his peers, is awe-inspiring.
Having previously worked as a training officer in HM Prisons and Young Offender Institutions, and with a keen interest in coaching and development, I am passionate about supporting people to achieve their full potential. I am now run a property business – renovating tired, run down houses, and letting homes in the Valley; as well as an e-commerce business with my husband.
As Tor View continues with ambitious plans for the future, I believe I have a range of skills as a special needs parent, from my previous job roles, and business, visionary, financial and strategic expertise to bring to my role as Parent Governor.

Karen Stansfield, Co-opted Governor - Foundation Stage, Humanities & Vocational Learning

Karen Stansfield It is my pleasure to be back for a second term as a Governor at Tor View. I have been connected to school for 14 years, my foster daughter attended form the age of 8 to 19 before going on to college.
I am now a shared lives carer since my lass turned 18. Prior to this I was fostering for about 13 years and I worked for MENCAP for 12 years as a support worker before that. My qualifications are in catering, I was a chef for 12 years after leaving school and college. I look forward to helping out where I can.

Sue Johnson, Staff Governor

I started working at Tor View School in September 2016, and currently work in the main school office. I have had a varied career to date, initially as a Registered Nurse working in a variety of settings, including as a Community Nurse and more recently as a Police Officer with Lancashire Constabulary, where I was fortunate to develop skills in supporting vulnerable witnesses. I have also been a trustee of a national charity in the LGBT sector and am passionate about equal opportunities, diversity and inclusion. My spare time is spent with my children. I am extremely pleased to be a Staff Governor, and hope that my experience to date will assist in my playing an active role in contributing to the school’s continued success.