Online Safeguarding

Our school uses the BT Lancashire Services Lightspeed Filtering System. The Internet is a huge resource available to our children. It is a fascinating and effective tool for both teaching and learning, at home and within school. Therefore, it is paramount that all users from children to adults are educated on how to use the Internet safely.

What is Online Safety?

Online safety is SAFETY ONLINE for all (especially children) and it is often associated with websites such as Facebook, Bebo, Twitter, MSN and any other social network. However Online Safety covers all electronic safety such as identifying appropriate and inappropriate e-mails, text messages and much more.

Please make sure you know what your child/children are doing online. It is important to remember that if you allow your child internet access at home, parental supervision is recommended. Also note mobile phones can have Internet access too, so it is not just on computers and laptops.

At Tor View School we educate our children on online safety from an early age and this continues throughout school. We have a dedicated an Online Safety policy and Online Safety is incorporated into all areas of the curriculum where required.