Pupils in Key Stage 4 are aged between 14 – 16 years old. Pupils are placed in mixed-ability form groups according to age. Pupils are also assigned to ability based teaching groups and move from classroom to classroom for different curriculum subjects.

Many subjects are taught by specialist teachers in specialist classrooms. Each teaching group has a named Level 3 Teaching Assistant to support them and many classes have Level 1 Teaching Assistant support. Some pupils have exceptional need support from Level 2 Teaching Assistants.


Internally and externally accredited courses are used to award and recognise pupil achievement, especially in key skill areas. Acquiring skills in preparation for leaving school is fundamental to achieving the best post-school provision. Access to relevant work experience and an emphasis on independence and essential life skills is a priority for pupils in Key Stage 4 intending to leave school at 16.

  • Functional Skills in English, Maths and ICT – Entry Levels 1-3 and Levels 1-2 (Year 11 only)
  • GCSEs and BTECs – Where pupils have shown a particular aptitude for a subject they are entered for a GCSE. This course is delivered at Haslingden High School and pupils are closely monitored and supported by Tor View staff. Pupils are given time at Tor View to complete coursework and revise.
  • Arts Award – Discover, Explore, Bronze Award (Level 1) and Silver Award (Level 2)
  • Duke of Edinburgh Award – Bronze

Further details regarding the content and approach for the year groups within this key stage are given, by subject, in the documents on this page.